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PREB is a volunteer recognition program based on Employment and Social Development Canada’s National Occupational Classification.

It allows organizations that engage volunteers to:

  • Recognize the value of volunteer experience
  • Assist volunteers in their job search
  • Access volunteer position descriptions

PREP offers a free software program that helps non-profit organizations to officially acknowledge and affirm their volunteers' contributions by providing each volunteer with an individualized certificate that lists the knowledge, skills, and experience acquired and/or demonstrated during the course of their volunteerism.

The software will allow you to create a detailed certificate of achievement for your volunteers, highlighting the skills they have developed and shared as well as the experience gained through the volunteer placement, using terminology that employers will be able to apply to the hiring process. The software allows you to personalize your certificate with your organization brand.

Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon is offering one-on-one personalized information sessions to interested parties. Please conatct Mildred for more information.

A one-hour presentation will equip you with:

  • The knowledge and ability to support volunteers looking to gain experience through volunteering to find paid work or to fulfill academic requirements
  • Access to free on-line software
  • Training in the use of the software
  • Certification, which will allow you to print certificates for your volunteers

How does PREB work?

  • PREB summarizes a volunteers’ experience, responsibilities, and skills with a formal certificate from a certified organization
  • PREB offers training to organizations to issue PREB Certificates
  • PREB also offers training to local Volunteer Centers across Canada to become PREB Trainers

Who benefits from PREB?

  • Volunteers: PREB recognizes a volunteer’s contributions by highlighting the impact of their work in a formal document. This employer-recognized certificate can help with job searching. It uses corporate language to align volunteer experience with job competencies. This is great for youth trying to enter the job market and newcomers trying to gain Canadian experience.
  • Non-profits: PREB helps recognize the value of volunteer involvement and increases organizations’ ability to attract and retain volunteers. The Directory of Tasks and Activities can be used to write volunteer position descriptions and performance evaluations. It also simplifies volunteer recruitment by helping describe the tasks and skills required for the position, along with any training requirements.

VBY created some examples of PREB certificates, in the sessions, you will learn to personalize your certificate with your organization brand. See the examples by clicking the following links: 

Presentations are available to NGOs in Whitehorse and the rural communities by appointment:

  • Whitehorse: 305 Wood St (VBY Office)
  • Communities: Online Session by Skype

Free for all VBY members

To set up an appointment to become PREB certificate user contact Mildred at Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon, phone number: 456-4304 or

PREB is a bilingual online program developed by the Centre d’action bénévole de Québec (CABQ) in partnership with Volunteer Canada.


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